Calendrier des événements à Tribunj

In 2021 there are many events going on in our small place Tribunj. Check it out fresh and updated in Tribunj tourist board web site…Try not to miss something 😉

Lieux d'information et de test COVID-19

Chers passagers, toutes les informations sur les conditions d'entrée et de séjour en République de Croatie, compte tenu des interdictions ou restrictions temporaires en vigueur pour lutter contre la propagation du COVID-19 sont disponibles sur le site de la Ministre des affaires internes et le Office national croate du tourisme. Nous apportons également une liste des centres de test dans le comté.

Liste des centres de test dans le comté de Šibenik-Knin…

Informations sur les différentes mesures en place, y compris sur les exigences de quarantaine et de tests pour les voyageurs

 The information is updated frequently and available in 24 languages. This should help you plan your travel in Europe, while staying safe and healthy. EU countries have agreed on a coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes a colour code for the classification of regions, based on the epidemiological situation there.

Dalmatie - Šibenik

From Skradin, a small gem of a town over 6,000 years old, we set off on the river Krka to Skradinski Buk, one of the most famous Croatian natural phenomena. By exploring the interior, you will be rewarded with one more old Croatian capital, the town of Knin, and in its surroundings time will fly during an active holiday that will refresh your body and soul. In Šibenik you will be amazed by the Cathedral of St James, whose dome overlooks medieval stone buildings, and its narrow streets which, in the warm summer evenings, invite you to socialise in the attractive Mediterranean ambience of the town. If, at the end of your trip on the Routes of Croatian Rulers, you are not surprised by Krapanj, the island of sponges which carries three epithets: the smallest, the lowest and the most inhabited island in the Mediterranean, then, by cruising through the Kornati National Park, a famous nautical paradise, you will surely experience complete fulfilment of the soul with positive emotions as you watch the display of many islands, islets and rocks that, like nowhere else, dance before your eyes…

Quelques lacs intéressants

In the central part of the Telašćica Nature Park there is the salt lake Mir, characterized by being registered as a lake, although it has salt water, but also because the water in it is several degrees warmer than sea water and therapeutic properties are therefore attributed to it – this in particular refers to the part of the lake where there is medicinal mud. The water in the lake is shallow and saltier than average and is not completely separated from the sea, since seawater fills the lake during high tide through underground cracks. Not far from the lake there are 160 meters high cliffs from which you can see dolphins. So, let go of the land, stick to the sea and take a break at a saltwater lake!


Hum – the Smallest City in the World

Church of the Holy Cross in Nin – the Smallest Cathedral in the World

Susak – the Shortest Folk Costume (the First Croatian Mini-Skirt)

Krapanj – the Lowest Island on the Adriatic (Croatian Venice)

Vela Palagruža – the Farthest Adriatic Lighthouse

Vrbnik – the Narrowest Street in the World

The Cathedral of St. Domnius – the Oldest Cathedral in the World

Zagreb – the Shortest Funicular in the World

Vinkovci – the Oldest Croatian and European City

Ombla – the Shortest River in Croatia

Comté de Šibenik

If you are thinking what to visit in Šibenik county? This is the page for you:


Que vous la classiez comme un fruit ou un légume, vous devez admettre que l'olive est un aliment magique. Bien qu'il provienne d'un sol maigre, il peut encore être utilisé de nombreuses façons. En plus de nous donner de l'huile, elle est le plus souvent utilisée en cuisine - comme entrée froide seule ou dans les salades, ou en complément des sauces, de la viande et du poisson. Le fait qu'un régime méditerranéen soit inscrit sur la liste du patrimoine immatériel de l'UNESCO témoigne en outre de la qualité de cette nourriture. L'huile d'olive présente de nombreux avantages, il est donc préférable de se diriger vers la côte croate et d'explorer toute la magie des olives et de l'huile d'olive. Apprenez à connaître l'or liquide de la Méditerranée…

Quelques faits sur la Croatie

Croatia has a close relationship with nature: national and nature parks cover over 10% of its territory, and the local currency is named after the marten (kuna in Croatian), while smaller units of currency are named after the linden tree (lipa), with flowers depicted on coins…

Land of Honey

It is a timeless natural product, made to the highest standards that has something for everyone. A little sweetness for the kids, a natural medicine for the sick, and a tasty addition to breakfasts and signature desserts. And if you are looking for diversity, tradition, and pure natural golden goodness, nothing can beat honey. And if you have decided to visit Croatia, know that you will visit the Land of Honey. Here is why…